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DuskShine Neo Chapter2.Pt:4 Pulling at Heartstring :iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 1 7
Mature content
TFP/RID Bellyhunters Chapter 4:Jumbo June Darby :iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 7 10
Mature content
TFP Bellyhunters Chapter 3:Windblade's windy Back :iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 10 15
Mlp Dusk Shine Episode Of Elusive Cover By Xxangel by Holy-Angel-Mithos Mlp Dusk Shine Episode Of Elusive Cover By Xxangel :iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 12 13
Mature content
TFP Bellyhunter's 2/FID:Strong Arm's donut daze :iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 9 34
Pony song 2: Stripes of the Zebra
Stripes of a Zebra
(Parody of Colors of the Wind)
Premise:A preview for Bridle gossip I suppose as Zecora will sing this at some point likely near the end of the chapter, as I see alot of similarities between her and Pochahantes.
You think I'm a foalish savage, you've seen so many places I guess it can just be.
Still I cannot see if the savage one is me, how can there be so much you don't see? You just don't see!?
There is much you don't know, and now we go, go to see.
You think you own all the land you land on, the world is just a dead thing you can claim, yet the land is not dead just think outside your head.
I know and see every rock, every tree and every creature, know its voice, its name aswell as feature. It all has a spirit and a name.
You think the only ponies who are ponies are the ponies who look and think like you, but if you walk in the hoofsteps of a stranger you'll learn things you never knew you never knew.
Have ever heard a timberwolf howl at a big full moon, or asked a
:iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 1 0
Mature content
Dusk shine reboot no need for meme lesson 2 pt3 :iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 6 0
Equestria Girls: Ponysona the Melody of my Heart 0
Equestria Girls: Ponysona the Melody of my heart
Following the battle with the sirens and the opening of the /Twilight Gate mysterious disappearances began to occur at Canterlot high. Determined to protect her friends and School Sunset Shimmer must adjust to her new living arrangments and investigate the rising darkness. She and her friends will learn much about friendship and how the bonds they cultivate can awaken a new power: Ponysona!
Prolouge:Sunny Day Memories and the Velvet Cafe
"Today was a pretty interesting day today, Princesss er-Principle Celestia found out I was living in an old gym storage room which I converted to a mini-dorm in the old wing of the school, she couldn't let that happen and declared me as a runaway, so I was given some choices: Orphanage, womens shelter, a Box, get a job and apartment or room with somepony er-somebody I know." Sunset Shimmer let out a light sigh as she wrote down in her journal leaning against the statue outfront of the shool which little
:iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 1 0
Mature content
Dusk Shine Reboot Lesson 2 Part 2 :iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 6 0
Mature content
Dusk Shine Reboot Ch.2(Part 1) Bad moon Rising :iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 5 5
Mature content
Dusk Shine: Wings up,Horn Down :iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 0 0
Mature content
Dusk shine reboot no need for meme lesson 1 pt2 :iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 4 0
Mature content
Dusk shine reboot no need for meme lesson 1 pt1 :iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 17 22
TFP Belly hunters pt 1 living large with energon by Holy-Angel-Mithos
Mature content
TFP Belly hunters pt 1 living large with energon :iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 71 181
me 1 by Holy-Angel-Mithos me 1 :iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 1 11
Teen Titan's Azurathian Rain 6
Teen Titan's Azurathian Rain
(I do not own Teen-Titan's it is the property of DC comics,all rights reserved and this is purely for fun.)
(I a warning you this is heavy on angst,action,romance,drama and occult tie in's those who are sensitive to the occult should more than likely not read this.)
(The following is a mixture of all Titan's and Batman based things altered for convenience,any complaints will not be met with anger,for story based convenience I am making this take place in a mix of the comic series and the TV-Show,I control the whole team,the majority of this is a mix of the New-Teen Titans 1982-88,and the TV series and spin-off comic Teen-Titans GO! Which has currently finished its run,I shall also be incorporating story parts from the early 90's Teen-Titans,the team that will be seen here will be the 1980's version consisting of Robin,Raven,Star-fire,Beast-Boy,Cyborg,and Wonder-Girl,some people appearing are OC's Blue-Mystic,Night-Detective,Sketcher,Blade-Braver,Crim,and Az
:iconholy-angel-mithos:Holy-Angel-Mithos 1 20




Holy-Angel-Mithos's Profile Picture
Casey C Clark
United States
I love just about any comic, cartoon, anime or Manga I try so long as it is not overdrawn or pointless.
My name is Mithos I shine like a star a bright loving angel that looks out at all comic fans,otaku and bronies in wonder and awe.

Current Residence: Lincoln Beach Oregon

deviantWEAR sizing preference: I don't know?

Favourite genre of music: J-PopJ-Rock/Punk-Rock,Alternative rock

Favourite style of art: Manga/Anime

Operating System: Windows 7

Wallpaper of choice: Posters and scrolls from all my fav series'

Skin of choice: I don't care about such things though I wish I showed more of my heritage

Favourite cartoon character: Washu/Princess Celestia/Sunset Shimmer/Sailor Chibi-Moon

Personal Quote: I am who I am,a smile and hug can fix a hard moment
Okay I want to apologize everything has gone into development hell right now. My life is terrible at the moment with my mom having aggressive cancer right now.
  • Listening to: Goombasa
  • Reading: Flash comics
  • Watching: Incredible melting man, Gundam Unicorn, Jojo's BA
  • Playing: Pokemon moon,SD Gundam Overworld
  • Eating: hotdog with fixings
  • Drinking: Glacier Cherry Gatorade

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